Which exceptions do you get from different IO errors in .NET?

Action Exception HResult Other error code
FileMode.CreateNew on existing file System.IO.IOException -2147024816 (0x80070050)
Opening a file with access incompatible with the share mode of an existing handle System.IO.IOException -2147024864 (0x80070020)
Opening a non-existing file in a directory even without read or listing access System.IO.FileNotFoundException -2147024894 (0x80070002)
Any file mode on directory System.UnauthorizedAccessException -2147024891 (0x80070005)
Opening a read-only file for writing System.UnauthorizedAccessException -2147024891 (0x80070005)
Creating a file in a directory without write access System.UnauthorizedAccessException -2147024891 (0x80070005)

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