Fixing frequent freezing of Wasteland 1 when using mouse

UPDATE: According to inXile this fix will probably be incorporated into the next patch.

UPDATE2: This has been incorporated into patch 2.

Wasteland (the original) has a problem where it randomly freezes after playing for some time.
From the known issues FAQ:

The game freeze frequently.
o This is a heritage issue which may be circumvented by using only the keyboard to control the game.


In general, fixing legacy issues is a quasi-impossibility as the original is not buildable.

I'm not completely sure about what they mean by "not buildable", but frankly I would rather that inXile focus on T:ToN and Wasteland 2 than wasting resources on fixing legacy code from 25 years ago. However nothing prevents me from "wasting" resources on fixing 25 year old dos games. So I took it upon myself to localize and fix the issue.

The short version is this: find rom\DATA\WLA.BIN in your steamapps/GoG folder and open it in your favourite hex editor, go to offset 0E5E where it says "77 1F" and replace with "EB 1F". The long version below explains how I figured this out, and probably requires a good understanding of x86 assembler and the PC platform to read.
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